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Suggestions for contributions

If you want to help to improve the Gorm editor, here is a list of features that you could try to implement:

- Trying to make character encoding work with Chinese, Japanese in Google Translate

- Improve the FindWarnings procedure to check correctly for %s %d problems, better check for spacing etc.

- Improve the dxgettext scanner, so that it autodetects, that _() is used inside format(), notes that inside the .po file, so that the Gorm editor can apply more advanced checks for format strings.

- Support for other online translation systems.

- An editor for the PO file header (I plan to edit this using notepad, and don't need a GUI for that)

- Feature to remove a label from all items that are currently selected

- Copy specific or all labels from another po file to the same msgid values

- More advanced regular expression support in the system that applies labels based on saved rules.

- Improved user interface or help in the system that applies labels based on saved rules. Maybe even a GUI that helps the user create it?